An overview of childrens literature in the victorian era

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Victorian literature

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Victorian Literature

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Victorian Literature – An Overview VICTORIAN LITERATURE is the literature produced during the reign of Queen Victoria () and corresponds to the Victorian era. AmblesideOnline is a free homeschool curriculum that uses Charlotte Mason's classically-based principles to prepare children for a life of rich relationships with everything around them: God, humanity, and the natural world.

Our detailed schedules, time-tested methods, and extensive teacher resources allow parents to focus on the unique needs of each child. By the end of the 18th century, children’s literature was a flourishing, separate and secure part of the publishing industry in Britain.

Perhaps as many as 50 children’s books were being printed each year, mostly in London, but also in regional centres such as Edinburgh, York and Newcastle.

Accessible Archives. Description: Full-text of colonial and Civil War-era newspapers, 19th century African-American newspapers, Godeys Ladys Book (), American county histories, and more. Children’s Act was created to protect the poorest children in society from abuse.


The poor children of Britain were treated as an underclass of Victorian society and given little consideration by the majority.

An overview of childrens literature in the victorian era
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