Comparative literature thesis princeton

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Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies (CLCS)

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the thesis: quintessentially Princeton. the thesis: quintessentially Princeton. As a dedicated pianist and comparative literature major, I had spent years studying the structures and meanings of different musical forms in theory and performance, and had read literature that engaged with their representation in interesting descriptive and.

Master Of Philosophy (M. Phil.)

Professor Sarah Dowling will be joining the Centre for Comparative Literature and Victoria College as Assistant Professor in January, Read More → Daniel Perry’s second book of short stories, Nobody Looks That Young Here, will be published on April 1 by Guernica Editions.

Comparative Literature at Princeton invites students both to read texts closely and to think about the nature, function, and value of literature within a broad context.

Our courses are not confined to a single national literature but rather engage many different traditions, genres, and languages across the globe.

The M.A. in Comparative Literature requires 36 hours of coursework, including CL / Introduction to Comparative Literature and three additional courses in Comparative Literature on the or.

The Presidential Master's Prize goes to the best thesis, report or substantial essay nominated by a department or program at any institution.

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The project must be completed by July 1, The deadline for nominations is October 1, Writing a thesis is a big undertaking, and you will draw upon all the skills of research, analysis and writing that you have been building over your first three years at Princeton.

Start early! You will need to meet several deadlines over the course of the year for your thesis .

Comparative literature thesis princeton
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