Local literature in the philippines integration ticket reservation data base system

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Airline reservations system

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Airline Reservation System

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CHAPTER II Review of Related Literature For further understanding of the study, the researchers made use of different references related to the online reservation system. actual organisational data and articles from public sources are not as effective for learning as fully broadens your experience base and provides insights into many types of managerial situations, tasks and the corporate office, the local community and the.

OnBase by Hyland enterprise content management (ECM) provides you with instant access to all your data, documents and business processes. A single enterprise information platform.

Reservation systems may host "ticket-less" airlines and "hybrid" airlines that use e-ticketing in addition to ticket-less SITA Reservations remains the largest neutral multi-host airline reservations system, with over airlines currently managing inventory.

Reservation data such as the number of booked passengers and special service.

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System will fail if the operating time is changed once the system in installed (might reflect in high operating cost or low efficiency and utilization of system resources making the operation non profitable).

Local literature in the philippines integration ticket reservation data base system
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