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Stephen Shore

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STEPHEN SHORE: “Uncommon Places” (2004)

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Stephen Shore

Stephen Shore experimented two sides of the spectrum in terms of equipment (a tiny and compact 35mm camera vs a cumbersome view camera on a tripod). By shooting with different cameras, his approach to photographing his subjects changed. In contrast to Stephen Shore's signature landscapes with which Uncommon Places is often associated, this expanded survey reveals.

In Stephen Shore, "Merced River, Yosemite National Park,” Walker Evans, "Factory street in Amsterdam, New York,” and in Dorothea Lange, "Road on the Great White Plains,” these three photographers transformed their landscape photographs into their own distinctive significance through the expression of realism, a movement in modern photography.

In contrast to Stephen Shore's signature landscapes with which Uncommon Places is often associated, this expanded survey reveals equally remarkable collections of interiors and portraits. Essay by Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen.

5 Things Stephen Shore Can Teach You About Street Photography

Conversation with the artist by Lynne Tillman Originally published inStephen Shore’s legendary Uncommon Places has influenced more than a generation of was among the first artists to take color beyond the domain of advertising and fashion photography, and his large .

Stephen shore essay
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