The eighteenth century and literature

The Restoration and 18th Century

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Eighteenth Century Literature 2017

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Eighteenth-Century Resources — Literature

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18th century in literature

This challenge to related opinion was thrilling as well as united. Richardson's 'Clarissa' and the Eighteenth-Century Reader (Cambridge Studies in Eighteenth-Century English Literature and Thought) Paperback – June 24, Ultimately, scholars of eighteenth-century literature are drawn to the discipline of cognitive cultural studies not simply because it offers innovative approaches literary analysis but because the period’s writers themselves are preoccupied with and fascinated by the way the human mind interprets and makes sense of the world.

Eighteenth-Century Literature: Versions of the Self in 18th-C Britain

It is an archive of texts by or relating to the eighteenth-century British Bluestocking Circle and the second generation Blues, including predecessor texts, and literature of sensibility as it is derived from the Bluestockings' concerns with aesthetics, and with women's aesthetic achievements.".

European literature of the 18th century refers to literature (poetry, drama, satire, and novels) produced in Europe during this period. The 18th century saw the development of the modern novel as literary genre, in fact many candidates for the first novel in English date from this period, of which Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe is probably the best known.

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Books shelved as 18th-century-literature: Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift, Candide by Voltaire, Evelina by Fanny Burney, Robinson Crusoe by Daniel D. This course will track the formulation of that problem, and a variety of responses to it, in the literature of the "long eighteenth century." Readings will range widely across genre, from lyric poetry and the novel to diary entries, philosophical prose, and political essays, including texts by Alexander Pope, Jonathan Swift, Mary Astell, David.

The eighteenth century and literature
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The Norton Anthology of English Literature: The 18th Century: Introduction